Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Christmas bauble baubles xmas craft

So the November Brimbles box has landed and there was three beautiful 12"12 papers in it.

i felt so inspired with these papers and everything that was in the box and even in the video of me unboxing it i was reeling of all the possibilities.

the first thing i thought about making was these :

They are Christmas bauble baubles !!

obviously i really got into the Christmas spirit once i opened this box.

first i chose the paper i wanted to use which is this one from this months brimbles box , and got these supplies ready. you may notice i had to change the size of brad i was using.

then i cut the sheet in half trying not to decapitate any Santa or reindeer.
then i measured out strips going down at 1/2 an inch wide going all the way across, then cut them out making sure i kept then in order.

i then hole punched the tops and bottoms of each strip.

Then added a brad to either end through all the layers.

then its just a case of folding it out.

Really easy and so much fun i managed to get two out of one sheet of 12"12 paper.

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