Sunday, 25 September 2016

Washi tape craft

So the lovely Anna brimbles from the mrs brimbles Facebook group set us all a challenge to use washitape in a different way. Apart from decorating planner pages so I remembered seeing this craft on Facebook once and I remembered it so here goes.

First you need to cut corners of of scrap envelopes. 

Then you need to pick some of your favourite washi tape.

Then you need to lay your washi tape across the corner makeing sure you don't covert the opening.

Then flip or over and do the same on the other side and then cut off the excess and that's it.

So simple but come in handy.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Traveling post

Well I joined a Facebook group run by the very lovely daisy @ my green cow on YouTube and she set up an amazing group where people send traveling notebooks and post cards to each other. People's creations get to travel around the world which is amazing.
Daisy had been sent a notebook from the lovely sasha and asked if I'd like to be next. Obviously I agreed and you can see below what I created. I felt a little concerned being after daisy as she's such a natural at this creative stuff lol but I have it my best go and now it's off to another lovely lady to add to it.

Friday, 9 September 2016

well im back !!

what can i say its been a while in the time ive been gone ive moved house me and Steven have finally set a date for the long overdue wedding and ive discovered a new passion.

planning has always been a part of my life but ive only really ever had pound-shop diaries and just tryed my best to make them work for me, but would always get a few weeks in and give up.

then i watched a video on YouTube about an Erin condren planner, and i feel in love. then i see some sticker hauls about etsy stores and ts true what people say it really is like falling down a rabbit hole.

then someone on one of the Facebook planner groups suggested a planner box called Mrs Brimbles and as soon as became apart of that group i felt so at home. they encouraged me to upload my first youtube video and well its kind of snowballed from there. please stayed tuned to see more planner related stuff :)

heres a link to my channel :