Sunday, 2 July 2017

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July Brimbles Sticker Subscription // Flash card craft

When i unboxed the July Brimbles Sticker subscription from Mrs Brimbles Shop i loved how fun and bright it was.

one of the sheets that came with month was a decorative sheet. when i see that sheet i instantly thought it would be great to help my daughter Mia who is 5 to make some flash cards for herself to help her with her writing and spelling. 

First she picked which sticker she wanted to use.

she then stuck the sticker on one of the pieces of white card stock i had already cut to size for her. She loved that there was multiples of some of the fruits in different sizes, she had alot of fun explaining which ones she thought where the 'mummy' ones and which ones she thought where the 'baby' ones.

Once she had done that she then wrote down what fruit she thought it was and how she thought it was spelt.

i really love how these come out. it was a really fun activity for her and for me and a great bonding activity.