Wednesday, 7 December 2016

December Brimbles box

So December box is here ..... finally ..... Pain in the bum royal mail !!

I will most probably say this about every box but i love it!! i did an unboxing video opening it all up if you wanted to check that out.i love all the colours in it and the different tones of blues and greens obviously with Anna's art work throughout which is the best part about it.

every month there is some 12"12 card stock and this month i decided with some of that card stock i would make a new pocket book that i have been enjoying making this last month. I did a how to video on how i make these on my channel.


I love how this tuned out and i still have so much to use. As i said in the unboxing video for this box in the new year i will be starting to scrapbook in a 12"12 album so the other papers from the kit will be saved ready to scrapbook and i will blog about them as and when they are done.

I also love the key-ring that came in the box so much as soon as i finished filming the unboxing video it went straight on my purse.